Cheshire Academy Master Plan

78 acre private school master plan


Cheshire Academy Lower School (design only)

6,000 square foot classroom and library addition


Cheshire Academy Infirmary and faculty apartment

4,000 square foot renovation


Cheshire Academy Administration Building

2,600 square foot renovation


Cheshire Academy Motter Hall

48 bed student dormitory with 5 Faculty Apartments


Cheshire Academy Markin Hall

52 bed student dormitory with 6 Faculty Apartments


Cheshire Academy Humanities Building

24,000 square foot Library and Classrooms


Cheshire Academy Woodbury Hall

6,400 square foot Classroom building


Cheshire Academy Faculty Apartments

3 Unit Faculty Housing Building, new construction


Cheshire Academy, Cheshire CT

Headmaster’s Residence

3,200 square feet, new construction


Ethel Walker School, New Dormitory Simsbury CT

23,000 square feet, 38 bed student dormitory with 4 Faculty Apartments


The Forman School, New Science Center, Litchfield CT

8,800 square feet, Science & Math classrooms with Common room, new construction


The Kent School Faculty Housing, Kent, CT

6 New Residences


The Kent School Fitness Center, Kent, CT

3,800 square foot Interior renovation


The Kent School Proposed RecPlex, Kent, CT

19,000 square feet, indoor sports enclosure and toilets


Tabernacle Christian Church, Southington CT

10,000 square foot church and religious school